Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio

All Versions are available to Studio Backlot members!

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Learn Corel VideoStudio!

All Versions of Corel VideoStudio are available to Studio Backlot Members!

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Changing the default text and attributes in the text editor

Here is a Cool Free Training Tutorial on changing the default text and attributes in the text editor for repeated titles with the same attributes/sizes/fonts

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nimate Complex Travel Routes & Handwriting Signatures-Part1

Paul's very cool animation Lesson to literally animate/draw the map route or Draw/Handwrite your signature onto a still image or moving background is the way pros do it. You can also use for many other drawing effects. Watch the first minute to see.

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Use Mask Tracks as Powerful Adjustment & Control Layers

Mask Tracks can be used to apply adjustments to all clips located under the Mask Track. Paul shows you how the Pro's use these in everyday editing as "Adjustment Layers" or "Control Layers" to speed up editing tasks & for more powerful effects.

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Type and Animate Text on Circle or Arc

Type Text around a Circle/Arc. There is not a specific tool for this, BUT as we always say, there is almost always a way to do these tasks if you think outside the box. Text on arc or circle, animate it using tools never intended for text. So cool!

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