Light a Room: Cinematic Lighting Techniques

Short Video covers some awesome tips from a renowned Cinematographer.

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Spring Cleaning Gear & deciding what needs to go!

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Learn the right way!

Cleaning expensive lenses is simple once you know the RIGHT WAY!

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Film Set Lingo

The movie business has a long history of giving unique nicknames and phrases to everyday tasks. In this video, Jake Estes takes a look at some of the more common ones you may come across on your first film set. Do you have a favorite film set word or phrase? Let us know.

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ISO? What's it mean?

Camera Sensor sensitivity is Huge. learn what it means

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Learn to Edit in 7 steps

LOL Learning to Edit video is both wonderful and, at the same time, can be SO frustrating! Here is a video we can all relate to!!! :)

Top Tips to Create Smooth Bokeh

Creating Bokeh—an aesthetic that uses the blurry, out-of-focus portion of a photograph to direct your attention to the in-focus subject

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