Facial Recognition Tracking Masks for Witness protection and other Effects

Face Track Mask Feature uses Artificial Intelligence to track moving Faces on screen and give you the ability add effects such as a blur or mosaic. Obscure faces & change backgrounds. Paul adds fantastic Tips on Tracking multiple persons & Creative uses.

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Just Released Complete training for Pinnacle Studio 24

New Training chapters are being produced everyday. check what's new chapter

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New Player Features!

2 Brand New player features make it easier than ever to follow along on Training and check out new stock elements! You can now Open a separate Studio Backlot player window and place it right along side your open editor software on the same monitor! Makes it much easier to follow the trainer if you aren't running multiple Monitors. And playback training or stock elements at fast speeds of 1x 1.5x and 2x with audio! You'd be surprised how much more info you can learn using 1.5 or 2X playback.

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Type and Animate Text on Circle or Arc

Type Text around a Circle/Arc. There is not a specific tool for this, BUT as we always say, there is almost always a way to do these tasks if you think outside the box. Text on arc or circle, animate it using tools never intended for text. So cool!

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Formation pour Pinnacle 24

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Moving Pictures and Files between all Types of Devices

Here is the easy way to Move Pictures and Files between all Types of Devices. Phones, PCs, Macs. No iTunes needed. It's easy when you know !

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Learn Corel: VideoStudio 2020

Learn the new features for VideoStudio 2020 as well as Complete Training Here.

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PS23-More Masking Tips-Remove Moving Objects From a Scene!

Pinnacle Studio 23- Video Masks are great for removing unwanted objects- both in still images and in full motion video clips. Now we are starting to learn the REAL power of Masks in this "remove unwanted objects" lesson! Paul Shows you how in Part 1 and Part 2!

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