Share Your Movies Here!

Share Your Movies Here!

Whether you're a novice with little or no experience, or a seasoned professional looking for the latest tips and tricks, Studio Backlot is for you. Add your own movies in our Community Tab and show us your editing chops!

Members Videos

Got a video to share?

We love receiving videos from BackLot members, Show us the cool video you are producing. There are some ground rules:

  1. They can't rate more than PG13
  2. A maximum runtime of three minutes
  3. They must be your own original work

We'll review every submission and post them here on the news for all to see. Add comments and share the love. Each month we'll feature a production category – check it out for a chance to win $50 off BackLot Gear.


Upload your Video

Here's your chance for the spot light. Upload a video to the community so we can all see your creativity. Select the category that best fits your production. Got a suggestion for a different category? Just let us know. Add a caption and optional description. Remember, PG13 and below please, no pornography or inappropriate content.

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New Live Phone Support Available!

New Live Phone Support Available!

Studio Backlot now offers Studio Backlot Live, a Premium turn-key approach to trouble-shooting your operational needs as an editor, and creative needs as a producer. Get 1/2 Hr. Customer Support or Training for only $49.95. To schedule a Live session, contact us by email or call 847-843-9939. We're always here to help make your creative projects the best they can be. It is a great investment. Sometimes 30 minutes with an expert can save you weeks of frustration and answer questions you have struggled with for months. Try Studio Backlot Live Today!

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