Animate Complex Travel Routes & Draw-on Signature-Part2

Many times map routes will travel around curves and even backwards. Paul's very cool animation Lesson to literally animate/draw on the map route or Draw on your signature is the way pros do it. You can also use for many other drawing effects.

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Creating PhotoFlash Transitions and Shutter Sound Effects

In this chapter, Paul shows you how to create the Iconic Photo Flash Transitions and Camera Shutter Click Sound Effects.

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Complete training for Pinnacle Studio 24

New Training chapters are being produced everyday. check what's new chapter

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Pinnacle Studio Training: Cropping with Soft Edges On All 4 Sides

Many people don't realize you CAN create a crop on all 4 sides of an image or video and add soft edges. This look is used often by professionals. Paul shows you how.

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Use Mask Tracks as Powerful Adjustment & Control Layers

Mask Tracks can be used to apply adjustments to all clips located under the Mask Track. Paul shows you how the Pro's use these in everyday editing as "Adjustment Layers" or "Control Layers" to speed up editing tasks & for more powerful effects.

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More Masking Tips-Remove Moving Objects From a Scene!

Pinnacle Studio Video Masks are great for removing unwanted objects- both in still images and in full motion video clips. Now we are starting to learn the REAL power of Masks in this "remove unwanted objects" lesson! Paul Shows you how in Part 1 and Part 2!

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Cool Chromakey Tricks

Create the famous Gold Rush hand wiping off dirt to expose the Gold Rush logo

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Instantly Change Duration For Many Clips In Studio

Change Clip Durations on Hundreds of Clips all at once. Download this quick tip PDF

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Create 3 Styles Corporate Logos and Station Bug IDs

Updated for 2018! Here is the coolest animation for Station Bugs and Corporate Logos!

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