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"Thank you for this training. Very clear and useful chapters. I am so much better editor now."

Fabienne Gaudard

"It was really worthwhile to watch.Great tutorials!"

Ove Lange

"THANK YOU for your positive way of communicating. You're the BEST!"

Bonnie Jensen

"Many thanks and keep up the good work. You all do an amazing job."

David Kerr

"Thank you for your help. After following your instruction, all is right I'm very happy Studio Backlot member."

Christian Duchesnes

"Just wanted to let you know what a great help Robert has been to me as I work on my video projects. Thanks so much for including this service."

Dave S.

"Thank you! You were a wizard on the music audio question last night! Brilliant!"

Dave Freitag

"Thanks for the very informative training about Pinnacle 24, excellent job !"

Valerio Gatti

"Thanks for giving me something special to look forward to each month!"

Fred Bowles

""Thank you! Thank You! I just love all the information on your site!""

Edda Caccia

""Thank you so much for all your help and advice and solving the problem""

Luis A. Morales

""Il y a beaucoup de choses intéressantes dans Studio Backlot et c'est très agréable de les découvrir en Français. Je vais mieux profiter des mines de renseignements qu'il contient.""

Jean Laroye, France

""As I was shutting down last night I saw the SB icon on my desktop and this morning I signed in and just did your first basic tutorials. I can't believe how simple you made it for me! Thank you!""

Dawn Stafford, Canada

"Ayant travaillé dans le commerce de détail pendant 35 ans, je confirme que le service apporté par Studio Backlot est exceptionnel ! Je n’hésiterais pas à le recommander à mes amis."

Yves Cormier, Canada

"Thank you very much for your fast answer and the info. Now everything is fine. Once more many thanks for your great help. It was a real pleasure to receive all your assistance."

Bernd Fiebelkorn, Netherlands

"Thank you for your generosity in sharing knowledge and the help you bring me in my new learning. Studio Backlot is essential to me. The content and the formations are very good."

Laurent Bennaroch, France

"This is one amazing site. It explains everything clearly and concisely - No waffle. I've also learnt so much by watching how the experts use the many features. Love it!"

Carolyn Fenwick, UK

" is constantly inspiring me to use new techniques. I'm so glad I'm a member!"

Todd Mohr

"You've dona a great job explaining various segments of producing a video. At 80 I'm still a novice and creating family videos but you make it so much easier to understand. Thank you!"

Bill Mohr

"My gratitude and thanks to you & staff of StudioBacklot for the excellent service, worthwhile tips & lectures."

Bart van Rooden

"Thank you Paul. Your instructional videos have been priceless to me over the years. Keep up the great work!!"

Jim Maiorino

""Gosh, it's been a very long time since I had experienced this kind or customer service or caring,..absolutely thrilled""

Sherry Jasso

""Finally, a great customer support experience. I have been in the business for over 20 years and have never had service like you have just afforded me. I am now a genuine LOYAL customer!""

Irving E. Carlson

"Backlot is a must-have if you really want to know your program well, to produce professional results. I highly recommend memberships to anyone thinking about. One of the best investments I have ever made."

Larry Stigsell

"Thanks Paul. You are a true professional."

Rusty Carlson

"Thanks Paul, You don't mess around!! Also just want to say how much I love Studio Backlot. I drop everything to watch your updates. Keep them coming!!"

Steve Cruickshank

"Your training products are great. And, your customer service is TERRIFIC! Backlot responded to my questions promptly. Concern for the help I needed was expressed by your responses, not just in words…but the feeling came through, too."

Bob Dishman

"I would like to mention that of all training resources available on the internet, or elsewhere, YOUR programs are, by far, the BEST. Please keep up the excellent work."

Alan Parr

"This was indeed helpfull- now I mannaged to make a perfect 4K project! Thank you so much!"

Kjell Bjørka

"I wanted to say I have used Pinnacle Studio products for several years and your training videos have been very helpful to me. Thanks!!"

David Mullins

"I'm a subscriber who truly enjoys your site. I have done some incredible commercial related stuff with the help of your training and the amazing add-on content you provide in your "Stock" collection."

Jim Stutts, Colorado Springs

"You and your website have proven to be invaluable to me. I have learned a ton. You really know how to unleash the power of this software. Thanks again for taking the time to help me."

Jon West

"I would like to compliment your team on the excellent job of making the possibly difficult job of video editing more simple, interesting, and entertaining!"

Clive Carlin

"I sent the first video to my son. I was so proud when he emailed me back and said "If I could give you an award for this video I would". I want you to feel good also because with out all your hard work Teaching us how to use Pinnacle."

Steve Juntgen

"Thanks for the quick response. I have already subscribed to your services and your videos are excellent. In fact, it would be futile to buy Pinnacle Studio without your videos."

Ray Snitynsky

"I absolutely enjoy the passion behind Studio backlot and now you have just thrown in some amazing customer service - blended it altogether to make the whole exercise one epic moment in time-Wow guys that is Awesome. Wow³ X WOW³ = Customer Service"

Bill Cowle

"I love everything about your site and love how much energy and focus you have on teaching people. I try and pass on your website to anyone I talk to that shares my passion for videography"

Paul Mancini

"I bought online Pinnacle Studio 19 a couple of days ago, and while I am a real neophyte on the matter, the guidance you provide in the videos is astonishing and really helpful. Thank you so much."

Juan Luis Nicolau

"Studio Backlot has taught me a wealth of effects and methods to make my movies pop! I especially like the eagerness that Paul Holtz presents in helping us members. Keep up the great work and thanks so much!"

Perry Herritz

"A guy can learn more on your site in a few days than he can in many years or maybe even a lifetime! I know. I'm doing it."

Dallas Bowman

"Of all the videos I’ve reviewed on the web, YOU are the best out there! Thanks for all you do for the industry."

Gary Owen

"I produced a video for the Clinton County Firefighters association this past winter and used some of your training classes in the video. I used the fire in text for the beginning of the video. The video was a hit!"

Roy Smith Plattsburgh, New York

"Your training videos are excellent and I would have been completely lost without them. I am only just now discovering the Stock Content and it is great to be able to supplement my own libraries"

Erroll Nortje, Johannesburg South Africa

"Thanks for your help with understanding mp3 conversion. I am within a whisker of creating professional video projects thanks to Backlot. Thanks again for your help"

Jeffrey Whitehouse

"I find your ‘site’ amazing in it’s coverage of the pertinent subjects and without it I would have struggled at the first fence. It’s useful for the constant updates of the various suites"

Allan Hamilton, UK

"Luv your tutorials...constantly learning the video stuff. Feel like you’re my next door neighbour coming over and giving me all the latest and greatest hot tips. Keep ‘em coming...!!!"

Peter Staines - Australia

"Utterly Fantastic Site and the Deal of the Decade"

David H.

"I immensely enjoy your training videos. You can either waste time trying to teach yourself or you can do the smart thing and learn from the masters."

Joe Lunina

"MANY, many thanks, for your invaluable help, patience, explanations & expositions""

Arney R

"Thanks for your outstanding instructional videos. There is a gold nugget in each one."

Jim Bare

"I would like to say THANKS for the dynamic slow-mo tutorial and the multi-cam tutorial. NICE!"

Frank Garrod

"YES, YES, YES! It works! Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how happy I am with Studio Backlot"

Berit Gibsholm Nielsen

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