nimate Complex Travel Routes & Handwriting Signatures-Part1

Paul's very cool animation Lesson to literally animate/draw the map route or Draw/Handwrite your signature onto a still image or moving background is the way pros do it. You can also use for many other drawing effects. Watch the first minute to see.

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Professional Mirroring, Flipping & Rotate Tips

Very Cool Tips from Paul for Both Static and Animated Mirroring, Flipping and Rotate effects. Works on Pics and Videos!

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Creating Subscript & Superscript Text

Subscript or superscript are characters (such as a number or letter) set slightly below or above the normal line of type. It is most often used in formulas, mathematical expressions, ect.

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Using Blend Modes for Special FX & Overlays

Blend Modes are normally found only in expensive professional products. Blend Modes includes many options here for smoothing, lighting adjustments, artistic effects and overlays. Very cool tips shared here!

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Using Object Detection for Mask Tracking

Smart Object Mask Tracking: Recognizes many known objects. This new Feature can recognize these for automatic tracking. Very Cool.

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Learn the Enhanced Titler

Learn Keyframe Font Sizing, Spacing, Coloring

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NEW! Just Released: Learn Corel VideoStudio 2022

VideoStudio Ultimate 2022 is easy to use, fun to learn, and powerful enough to create movies that impress and inspire! Paul and Bob show you how!

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Using Nested Clips & Full Projects in Masks

You can now import Nested Clip Sequences as well as full Completed Projects into the Masks

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New Project Pack. The Iconic Matrix effect. Slowly & digitally expose your image in the Matrix

The Iconic Matrix effect. Slowly & digitally expose NEO. Change Placeholder with your image. Perfect to Introduce someone or object in a high tech movie! Use Download Button above to Download the project pack. IMPORTANT, Watch the training to use it.

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20 Cool Tips and Tricks

We Bet you never knew about these!

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