Create 3 Styles Animated Station ID Bugs/Logos

Paul Has just updated this classic effect. The classic lower right Corner "Station ID BUG" plus Paul added 2 new animated styles to the classic Station ID/Bug Logo & Corporate Logo. Watch the First Minute to see 3 styles.

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Use Mask Tracks as Powerful Adjustment & Control Layers

Mask Tracks can be used to apply adjustments to all clips located under the Mask Track. Paul shows you how the Pro's use these in everyday editing as "Adjustment Layers" or "Control Layers" to speed up editing tasks & for more powerful effects.

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Learn the Enhanced Titler

Learn Keyframe Font Sizing, Spacing, Coloring

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Using Nested Clips & Full Projects in Masks

You can now import Nested Clip Sequences as well as full Completed Projects into the Masks

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New Project Pack. The Iconic Matrix effect. Slowly & digitally expose your image in the Matrix

The Iconic Matrix effect. Slowly & digitally expose NEO. Change Placeholder with your image. Perfect to Introduce someone or object in a high tech movie! Use Download Button above to Download the project pack. IMPORTANT, Watch the training to use it.

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20 Cool Tips and Tricks

We Bet you never knew about these!

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